At the end of the 3rd millennium. Human population on Earth have begin to hit critical levels and a solution was required. Project Deep S.E.A.R.C.H. was conceived.


Deep Space Expedition, Adaptation, Research & Colonization of Habitable planet.


Project Deep S.E.A.R.C.H.
- Expedition to Planet L-91109 in Galaxy Cluster A-507

- Exploration of travel through Wormhole found to Galaxy Cluster A-507

- Research and Adaptation of Planet L-91109 for human habitation

- Colonization of Planet L-91109 to allow migration of human from Earth


Expedition team form up to formation of 32 ship to travel through wormhole.
Entering the wormhole, formation was bombarded by unknown objects, one by one, ships are destroyed as they are unable to manoeuvre to avoid the objects.

By the end of the travel, only 2 Heron class ship survived the wormhole.
Commandeered by Pilot Lieutenant Farrend and Athelina, they are unable to proceed with the mission as the Heron class ship only carried materials, all research personnel have been lost.

To Escape imminent isolation and death, the survivors will embark on the journey back to Earth.


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